Client: David Dale Gallery
Work: Website (with flash), Logo, Photography
Location: Glasgow
Colleborated with Darren Tesar (curator), Fiona Burke (artist), Mazia Rossi (artist), Max Slaven (photographer)
Date: 2012

This project is the online exhibition preview platform for artist Fiona Burke and Mazia Rossi. It took the form of a downloadable, flash-based, catalog for an exhibition at David Dale Gallery & Studio. I worked with curator and two artists closely.

The task was to reproduce the sense of moving through the exhibition, while, at the same time, provide information concerning the artwork and curatorial direction. To achieve this level of immersion and information, I stitched pictures of the entire 360-degree space that was captured via digital images.

In addition to space, I also stitched hi-res images of sculptural objects so as to provide a level of detail not capable via a single image or not liable to produce the same level of immersion with multiple thumbnails images.