Solo Exhibition “Yoke Anima” by Darren Tesar

Co-owned and collaborated with Darren Tesar, Song-Yun Kim
Text by Darren Tesar, Song-Yun Kim
Images by Wen-Li Chen

SEOHAK Gallery, South Korea

#Poster, #Photography, #Art Direction, #Flyer, #Outdoor Banner

This project was held in collaboration with Korean photographer and artist Song-Yun Kim as organizer and host to present the solo exhibition by Darren Tesar in Seoul.

The key element of visual design is inherited from the artist's concept and parts of installation for the exhibition.

The idea of the series of postcard being spread around in the space with artist's facial profile is to respond artist's intentions about how a Westerner being situated in the East in the public with closest eye contact in a way that is close to being individual without any makeup in the reality. I took a series of photographs of the artist and did layout design for the flyer design.